Art, architecture, design, collaborations…

Since 2003, Ambra has designed jewels, accessories, lamps, and…..

Since 2010, designer for Consorzio VIS, for the design of street furniture using PV panels, Santa Sofia, Italy – Doha, Qatar.

Since 2004: collaboration with the design studio ASV3 fiorenzo valbonesi architetto, Cesena, Italy

2001, July: designer for the home accessories company Fani, to realize concepts for a new line of technological jewels, Firenze, Italy

2001, February: designer for HDSlippers, to realize a shelter for the main entrance of the offices, Sasso Marconi, Italy

 plasmando bijoux, a line of brooches

chaise-hot, radiator for Bisque Radiators, designed with Francesco Ciardi

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