Dense Spaces @ Work in Progress

From May 19th to June 6th 2012 the Bildmuseet of Umeå welcomes the exhibition Art / Design / Architecture

Within the exhibition “Work in Progress” curated by Peter Kjaer, dean of the School of Architecture, Interactive Institute presents the outcomes of the research-through-design project “Dense Spaces”, designed by Ambra Trotto. During a course with third-year students, topics such as meaning, expressivity, designing qualities and values have been explored, by means of iterative reflection-on-action cycles, with generative videos and experienceable prototypes.

Results of the project can be seen on these blogs:


…The challenge intrigued me. Although I am educated as an architect, I have never practiced as such. In the last years of my studies I was tempted by the illusion of being able to control products more than buildings. I naively thought that the complexity of architecture was too high to be handled, instead of realizing that it is just a different kind of complexity. But this is another story. My field of interest soon drifted towards design for intelligent products and system, i.e. interaction design. I was fascinated by the opportunity of designing the absence, rather than the presence, by shaping the quality of the immaterial and of the dynamic, i.e., interaction, between a system and the people using it. When I accepted to prepare the course, I trusted a feeling that the challenge would bring refreshing new insights to the field. If somebody asked me why, I would have not been able to argument my answer with sound motivations. Now, after the course, I am in the process of dredging out tacit knowledge and put it into words that can hopefully raise a constructive discussion in the field of design for intelligent systems….

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