Intersensuality of skills

Humans are social animals. They realize their dreams and ambitions in relation to other humans, within a context of symphonic diversity. They feel good or bad, mainly in relation to other people. And by doing it, we – the sensual humans – feel with the others, we feel for the others. I believe that the role of Design is to offer tools and ways to learn to deal in a creative, constructive way, how to be together, how to weave these relationships among people, how to play with and transform towards the resistance and the ambiguity that the environment and the people within this environment create, in their constant dynamism. By leveraging on people’s skills, and therefore on their sensitivity, and their urge of transformation, Design can concur in creating and consolidating practices, able to elicit ethical behaviors, building new foundations of social health. Design can elicit health by Making: less noise and more deeds, for a new craftsmanship.

2012 Dutch Design Trend Book

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