The Practice of Constructive Design Research

design for human murmurations

– a conversation during:

DRS 2014 conference Logo

This year’s DRS conference was redesigned. Apart from regular paper sessions, the program now featured a debate at the start of each day and the new format of ‘Conversations’.

The (open) format of a conversation seemed to me very well suited for the methodological thread I have been spinning in my project. In a previous post I discussed a paper I wrote for the IASDR’13 conference regarding my search for methodological support in existing discourse on Research through Design/Constructive Design Research.
For the conversation at DRS2014 the intent was to bring the daily practices of design researchers in this field to the forefront and avoid more abstract reflections. (Actually, the intent initially was to approach possible reasons for much of the discourse in Constructive Design Research to be centered on: its academic standing, the kinds of knowledge contributions it provides and the forms and formats it is published in. Those reasons may have to do with the various…

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