Engaging Encounters

During a trip to the States, to attend TEI2015, I joined Caroline Hummels in her first round of Engaging Encounters.

Caroline will meet 50 inspiring people to explore how to establish constructive dialogues among people with different backgrounds and intentions and she will discuss with them how the future of Interaction Design will look like. She will have these encounters using a portable studio. Such studio contains the Ideating in Skills set of objects. It is endowed with a set of documenting tools (microphone, cameras, time-lapse camera, rfid tags) that will keep track of the conversation, collecting different medias and affording a varied set of granularities of meaning. The blog on this adventure is here: http://dqi.id.tue.nl/ee/

This work builds on our research, carried out in the past years on exploring how we can share, through making, transformative actions, design intentions.

The set of objects Ideating in Skills has been developed through a course, held at the Eindhoven University of Technology, taught by Caroline, Brendon Hur and me, where a fantastic team of talented master students has marvelously worked to embody their skills and sensitivities into communicative objects / pretexts for conversation / sketching tools / irresistible thingies.


During the TEI conference we have had encounters in Stanford with Bill Verplank, Lone Koefoed Hansen and Steffi Husslein. Today we have 2 beautiful encounters with Don Norman, David Kirsch and Scott Klemmer at the University of San Diego.


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