TEDx Umeå – Shaping the Absence

And the TEDx is out! It is about the work we are doing at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT in Umeå. https://www.tii.se/groups/umea

Designing the talk, which includes an interactive installation, a dance choreography and a presentation, has been one of those tasty little projects. Tasty and fun, thanks to an awesome design team: Jeroen Peeters, Willem Zwagers, Sofie Wiklund, Richard Holland, Fredrik Nilbrink

Behind every project, no matter how little, there is always a huge pool of inspiration and support. Our thanks go to: our colleagues at Interactive, among which Nigel Papworth, Ru Zarin, Björn Yttergren, Dorothe Smit, Johan Grönskog
and then Balettakademien Umeå, Sietske Klooster, Caroline Hummels, Pierre Levy, Kees Overbeeke, Linnéa Therese Dimitriou, Marlene Johansson, Pernilla Glaser, Mathilda Tham, Jenny Althoff, Jacopo Mutti, Philemonne Jaasma and last but not least Stoffel Kuenen

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