MocapTango: traces of complexity

Peeters, J., Trotto, A., Kuenen, C.D. (2016). MocapTango: traces of complexity. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Tangible and Embodied Interaction (TEI ā€™16). ACM. New York, NY, USA.

Full text downloadable here

In this paper, we report on an ongoing design research project MoCap Tango. Tango is a form of partner dancing in which two bodies sense each other in a dynamic, physical dialogue that is known for its subtle complexities, beauty and intimate experience. In MoCap Tango, we explore how we can use our skills as designers to highlight and unravel these embedded qualities and use them as inspiration in designing interactions. Using an optical Motion Capture System and custom-made passive markers, the movements of two world-class tango dancers are visualized in real- time. We present our motivation for this project, describe the first prototype and conclude with reflections on what this prototype revealed in terms of design opportunities and its relevance for the TEI community.

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