DIS2017: [X]Changing Perspectives: an Interactive System for Participatory Sensemaking.

Jaasma, P., Wolters, E., Frens, J.W., Hummels, C.C.M., Trotto, A. (2017) [X]Changing Perspectives: an Interactive System for Participatory Sensemaking. In Proceedings of Designing Interactive System Conference DIS2017. Edinburgh, UK.

The paper can be downloaded here.

Abstract: Public issues are complex: they concern many different stakeholders who have conflicting stakes and are involved from their unique perspective. Working on public issues requires an open process that allows stakeholders to not only contribute to decision-making but also to take up a role in the process. We propose [X]Changing Perspectives, a product service system that stimulates participatory sensemaking: the joint construction of meaning between individuals that could not have been reached on their own. We visually demonstrate the designed materials and ser- vice elements and discuss the promise of our approach to [X]CP for complex design challenges in public issues.

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