Soma-based design workshop at CHI2017

The  following paper has just been published into the ACM Digital Library:

Höök, K., Hummels, C.C.M., Isbister, K., Marti, P., Márquez Segura, E., Jonsson, M., Mueller, F., Sanches, P., Schiphorst, T., Ståhl, A., Svanaes, D., Trotto, A. (2017) Soma-Based Design Theory. In: Proceedings of CHI 2017. ACM, New York, USA.

Downloadable here: Moving_workshop_CHI2017_submitted_Small

Together with Kia Höök, Katherine Isbister, Techla Schiphorst, Anna Ståhl, Martin Jonsson, Pedro Sanchez and Elena Márquez Segura, we have intensely worked a full day on deepening our understanding of the implications that soma-based design affords. We have furthermore explored our  different perspectives and their mutual relations.

The work will be continued at TEI 2018 and CHI2018, while the reflections gathered so far will be soon presented in a journal paper.

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