Book! Design for Transforming Practices – Maps and Journeys

Designing for Transforming Practices is an approach that has been matured in the last 15 years as a collaboration between researchers at the Eindhoven University of TechnologyRISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Umeå Institute of Design. It is a challenging endeavor, that looks into how to transform current practices into sustainable ones, through design. This research work is at the foundation of the Design Competence and Experience Centre that has recently been launched. 

To understand how to work with societal challenges, inclusive innovation, transformative educational approaches in the creation of multidimensional synergies that have apparent impact, we have just come out with a book with Maps and Journeys about how to design for Transforming Practices. 
This book is an invitation to participate, into filling in the gaps in the maps of the uncharted territories that we have in front of us. 

Everyday, I am grateful to have the privilege of working with the beautiful, knowledgeable, kind and powerful people that have made this book a reality. 
Caroline HummelsJeroen PeetersPierre LévyRosa van der Veen, @daisyyoo, Malin JohanssonMarlene JohanssonMaarten Smith, @sandervanderzwan

I would also like to thank all the colleagues, all the bachelor and master students, as well as PhD candidates from both Universities involved #, all the partners from many public and private institutions that have supported, inspired and helped us to develop the approach to Designing for Transforming Practices. 


You can download the pdf here:
Or send me an email if you want to order the paper version.

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